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More efficiency for your team

storm as a complete and economical solution

The demands are growing

Overwhelmed employees, pushy specialist departments and increasing time pressure - by now a familiar picture in many IT departments. 

The requirements for new business applications are growing many times faster than the resources in the development teams. If you want your company to remain stable and competitive, application development must be much faster and more efficient.

But which infrastructure is the right one when it comes to implementing business software?
On the one hand, there is the mature and apparently fully controllable and secure internal on-premise environment - on the other hand, you often want to make applications available to a large number of users outside the company. The hurdles that a company needs to overcome to provide an outward-facing solution are still very high in some cases. And it is precisely in this environment that there are solutions that can be implemented on the basis of a cloud platform.

The future of application development

storm is the answer! Limitless efficiency - without restrictions. 

storm enables your developers to generate full-stack applications. It is about using a uniform programming language or graphical application interface to describe the complete application from the frontend to the database layer and then to have the application generated across all layers using the appropriate tool.

We are convinced that high-quality and functional applications can only be created in the overall context of knowledge of the application architecture. Even a specialist department can and never will have this overview.

We therefore do everything we can to make the developer's work as simple and efficient as possible. The developer no longer needs to master the complexity that results from the use of different technologies.

However, the code generated in the end is no different to what an experienced developer would implement. This leaves the developer with the option of subsequently making manual adjustments to the application using the respective tool.

Get started 10x faster!

With storm, you can create applications 10 times faster than before. It does not get any more efficient than that!

Low-code development as a solution: 
Individual steps that have been painstakingly worked out can simply be repeated, while testing is automated. Our software saves your developers a great deal of tedious work and increases creativity. In contrast to other software, there is no need to compromise on functionality.

So keep 100% flexible with all UI5 specifications and still be faster than everyone else.

Come and see for yourself!

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