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The frequi-Family


Our drive

We believe a business application should be able to be implemented in the shortest possible time, even if the developer does not know the underlying platform in detail.

Therefore, with the experience of over 20 years of passionate work in the SAP world and modern full-stack development, our mission is to improve the world of application development. We know the technologies that are relevant to modern application development today.

With our revolutionary approach we want to close the efficiency gap and support application development with new concepts - that's what drives us!

»We are revolutionizing software development for business applications.«

frequi_Mitarbeiter_Lars Laegner_Bunt_Wei

CEO / Management board

frequi_Mitarbeiter_Artem Böhme_Bunt_Weiß

CEO / Management board

More than 20 years of SAP and technology experience form the cornerstone of frequi and our software.

We are the game changer in the software development environment.

frequi_Mitarbeiter_Mathias Büker_Bunt_Ve

Mathias Büker

Development Consultant

frequi_Mitarbeiter_Emre Karaca_Bunt_Verl

Emre Karaca

Development Consultant

frequi_Mitarbeiter_Christina Büker_Bunt_

Christina Büker

Development Consultant

frequi_Mitarbeiter_Anonym Mann_Verlauf .

Marlin Jarms


frequi_Mitarbeiter_Kathleen Happel_Bunt_

Shirin Renkel

Marketing / Design / 


frequi_Mitarbeiter_Anonym Frau_Verlauf.p

Maria Homann


frequi_Mitarbeiter_Anja Böhme_Bunt_Verla

Anna Böhme

Accounting / HR


be frequi

High quality, flexibility, creativity and passion are reflected in everything we do.

We know that our team is the fuel for our success. We promote openness within the crew and we work independently.

We have no hierarchies. In our work, we anchor the flexibility of the frequi corporate culture. 

»Flexible, yet efficient and high quality - that's frequi

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