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Our drive

We have been passionate about the SAP world and modern full-stack development for over 20 years. Based on our own experience, we know which technologies are relevant today for the development of modern applications. In the SAP world, there has been a constant change of development techniques and development platforms - from Dynpro, WebDynpro via HTMLB, BSP and ABAP Objects to OData, SAP UI5, Fiori and ABAP RESTful Development, from R3 and NetWeaver to S4/HANA and SAP Cloud Platform (Neo, Cloudfoundry, etc.).

Even in the non-SAP world, more and more modern concepts are taking hold: Kubernetes, Frontend Frameworks such as AngularJS, React and Vue. In addition, mobile development platforms such as iOS, Android, or progressive web apps must be supported.


The result: Developers face new challenges every 2-3 years. Every new environment starts with the same problems. Most of the time is spent getting used to the new framework rather than implementing the classic business requirements. These have remained largely identical for 20 years, but the programs always have to be completely redeveloped for each new platform. This efficiency problem costs companies a lot of resources that could be used more sensibly. And this happens with every new platform and technology.


Closing this efficiency gap and using a revolutionary approach to support application development with new concepts - that is what drives us!

A business application should be able to be implemented in the shortest possible time, even if the developer does not know the underlying platform in detail.

»We are revolutionizing software development for business applications.«

The management team

CEO / Management board

Lars has more than 28 years of developer experience. He is a specialist in a variety of SAP and non-SAP technologies. He is also a key developer of a large number of SAP AddOn products. These are used by more than half a million users worldwide.

Years of experience in modern full-stack development make Lars an undisputed expert! He is the brain behind our low-code platform and passionately plays squash in his free time.

CEO / Management board

Mathias is characterized by the experience of more than 20 years of work in different positions in IT management and IT consulting. He shows his willpower not only by actively following the development of IT trends - he also achieves top performance privately. On the bike, he pursues his sporting goals with great will and ambition.

CEO / Management board

Artem is an expert in the implementation of technologies. Before the trip to frequi together, he developed the first software with Lars. He gained valuable experience working as a technology and UI5 development consultant. Thanks to his more than 13 years in development, he knows what is important and keeps an overview. He knows every new technology, likes to play football in the evenings and on weekends and is a coach for a youth team.

More than 20 years of SAP and technology experience form the cornerstone of frequi and our software.

We are the game changer in the software development environment.

The management team

In our team, there is no strict hierarchy! Everyone contributes to success. Together, we take application development to a new level.

frequi stands for faster and more efficient work. We meet the high-quality standards that we set for ourselves through innovative thinking and unlimited creativity.

frequi is the home of young, motivated start-ups, for whom it is important to accomplish tasks together.

That is who we are & and together we are frequi.

Mathias Büker

Development Consultant

Emre Karaca

Development Consultant

Tim Herold

Development Consultant

Christina Büker

Development Consultant

Kathleen Happel

Marketing / Design / 


Lena Seufert

Marketing / Recruiting

Anna Böhme

Accounting / HR

Our low-code development platform

Generate storm business applications with our programming language at the push of a button. Thanks to the one-code development, it can be used on all platforms and is easy to learn. All the functions are combined in one app - this means for you: lean back and relax, because the tedious tasks are completely taken care of for you by the software.

«storm - simple and fast.«

be frequi

High quality, flexibility, creativity and passion are reflected in everything we do.

We know that our team is the fuel for our success. We promote openness within the crew and we work independently.

We have no hierarchies. In our work, we anchor the flexibility of the frequi corporate culture. 

»Flexible, yet efficient and high quality - that's frequi

Meichelbeckstraße 28

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