Always a step ahead

storm shows new ways to do business

Mit unserer revolutionären Technik realisieren Sie kreative Ideen in Lichtgeschwindigkeit!

Wir haben eine Low-Code Development Plattform entwickelt, durch die Sie schneller und effizienter arbeiten können.

Alle typischen Anforderungen bei der Implementierung stehen auf Knopfdruck bereit. Sie müssen nur noch aktiviert werden, um sofort eine vollständige App zu erzeugen. Das ist revolutionär!


Working at the speed of light? That’s possible with storm! Develop SAPUI5 apps up to 10x faster, without losses!


You don't need to deal with perpetual searching - all the functions are in one app! But you can let your creativity run wild.


You don't need to deal with perpetual searching - all the functions are in one app! But you can let your creativity run wild.


Our programming language is easy to learn and can be used on all platforms thanks to the one-code development. The effort of implementation is significantly reduced!


By working with storm, you not only save a lot of costs, it also saves your resources! A clear win-win situation and a kick-start for your business!

With our revolutionary technology, you can realize creative ideas at the speed of light!

We have developed a low-code development platform that enables you to work faster and more efficiently.

All the typical implementation requirements are available at the touch of a button. They just need to be activated in order to create a complete app immediately. 

This is revolutionary!


Document-based applications, authorizations, translations, standardized data interfaces, offline skills, dashboards and flexible UIs. The developer can use all these features directly, regardless of the platform, and the source text is automatically generated, as if by a professional programmer.
Business applications have never been developed faster.

For a new platform on the market, you can create new applications at the touch of a button, so you can remain relaxed with innovations in the future. The best thing is that all the applications specified in storm are standardized and therefore do not need their own runtime environment.


A big advantage for your business: With us, you only pay for one developer but you can use the generated application for any number of users.

This is where the future of development begins.

Whether for developers, decision-makers or consulting partners, storm is the right answer if you are looking for software that can do more!

Convince yourself & discover all the features!


Powerful features

for developers

Boost your creativity

with storm



Always one

step ahead


storm shows new ways

to do business


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for your team

storm as a complete and

economical solution

What's new about our SAP low code development platform storm

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