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Powerful features for developers

Boost your creativity with storm

1. Automatic documentation

Every developer knows the problem: At the end of the implementation, there is no time to carry out the documentation with the required professional quality.

Here, storm supports you optimally with the implementation of applications. You define what you need and the app defines the necessary UIs, layouts and actions, as well as the entities and authorizations. With adaptive templates, storm builds all the necessary UI5 resources such as controllers, view XMLs and i18n files. storm automatically documents these for you during generation.

Necessary inline comments are built directly into the code and storm also takes care of the extensive technical documentation of all developments in Word and Markdown.


In addition, storm creates diagrams of the entire data model with all dependencies and relationships, including with external systems that are connected via OData. In addition, storm automatically describes the respective UIs and the technical content and methods. The documentation of the UIs is supplemented by automatically created screenshots.

This way, you can concentrate on creating your UI5 applications. storm creates the impressive technical documentation for your customers or third parties for you.

2. Testing as though by magic

Have you implemented all the requirements for your UI5 app and would you like to make sure that everything will still work as planned in the event of future changes?

As an experienced programmer, you need to be able to quickly see in the quality assurance system whether the essential steps and entries in your UI5 app all take place without errors.


This is not a problem with storm. With the “generate test” command, storm builds a complete test journey in OPA5 for you without any effort and checks whether the creation, reading and updating of your data continues to work properly.

You can also use the "dataset" command to set up tests with your own datasets in order to quickly rebuild a specific test data set on a new test system or locally in your development environment.

Do you have an idea and want to test the process flow automatically? To make this quick, we have created ready-made OPA5 test areas for you for each area of the app.

Testing has never been so relaxed.

3. UI fields make operation easier

You need to create UI-specific control hierarchies for some entities and related actions or the formatter.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to reuse them for other UIs?

You know how tiring this process is: First you need to create a separate formatter method, add this method to each individual UI and also create this UI5 control tree as XML on each individual UI that requires it. Then you must assign the event handlers to each UI controller in all UIs.


This is tedious and a lot of extra work if you forget something in one of the user interfaces.

storm carries out this work for you & does everything automatically!

A UI tree with actions and a formatter can be reused anywhere in your app.
With the key combination “CTRL-SPACE”, you can select the UI field from the list of available fields.

The field can be reused in every UI.

So simple. So keep 100% flexible and still be faster than everyone else!

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