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«VANTAiO is a software manufacturer of flexibly adaptable modules and addons for portals based on SAP. Simple, attractive and ready to use – that is the requirement for all VANTAiO software products. Based on our innovative modular system, we supply preconfigured software modules and project services. In this way you can quickly and easily design the optimal SAP portal solution for your business purpose. VANTAiO portal solutions are characterized by a very high degree of easy use and practicality – and thanks to the VANTAiO ready-to-run approach, they significantly reduce project run times and costs. A team of experts stands behind the VANTAiO software products und consulting services, with many years of experience in software development with SAP. Our products and services consistently fulfill the requirements of the latest enterprise IT and excellent user experience. Only this way acceptance is achieved and daily use becomes a benefit – and your corporate portal becomes a loved portal.»


«Q_PERIOR pursues the mission of delivering top performance to the benefit of its clients and their position as leaders.

The name Q_PERIOR concisely embodies what our company is about: The Q stands for “quality,” while PERIOR is derived from “superior.” This underscores the standard we have set for supplying our customers with first-class results. Our focus lies in integrating business & IT. As a management consultancy, Q_PERIOR has a service and solution orientation and distinguishes itself through the interdisciplinary nature in its range of expertise. This yields new, creative approaches for innovative business models.»


EMPLEOX is one of the largest HR-IT service providers in the SAP environment. Emerging from KWP team HR, inside Unternehmensberatung as well as TalentChamp Consulting, we combine 30 years of experience in SAP HCM, a SuccessFactors expertise that started in the pre-SAP era in 2007, with our HR outsourcing division Empleox BPO, which handles around 80,000 monthly payrolls for customers.

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